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Editable Templates With Konductor

Web Designer issue 164 - December 2009

Steve Jenkins builds a website using Konductor tools and provides a tutorial for using the Konductor Dreamweaver extension and CMS application. The article has been made available in PDF format, and the tutorials files can be accessed from


The Digital Scene - Episode 28 - October 6th, 2009

Interview with Konductor’s President Derek Zarbook discussing the overview of Konductor tools.

AIR 2.0 Will Flow to Flip Cams, Local Apps

PC World October 6th, 2009
Konductor’s President Derek Zarbrook is quoted on why Konductor chose to use Adobe's AIR runtime to build Konductor's groundbreaking user interface.

Hosting Service Helps Web Designers Stay in Control

PC World October 8th, 2009

An article discussing the solution that Konductor provides to web site designers regarding preserving their design, providing clients with a CMS and why Konductor chose to use Adobe's AIR runtime to build its’ CMS.

Adobe TV

Duane's World - Episode 13 - November 4th, 2008
Interview with Konductor’s President Derek Zarbrook providing an overview of what Konductor is and the tools that are offered to designers.

Konductor, CMS via AIR & Dreamweaver

O’Reilly InsideRIA January 21st, 2009

An article covering Konductor tools, the CMS and Dreamweaver extension and how they tie into each other to allow designers to add CMS to a site.